Sewer line repair and cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA can prove to be quite complicated and require extensive labor. But luckily, these are specialties of ours. The knowledgeable professionals at Bill Helmken Plumbing have decades of experience with the drain or sewer line issue you may have. Our knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service at competitive rates. We take pride in operating with the utmost integrity and professionalism possible because you deserve it. So don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 412-897-4210.

Sewer Experts

Often clogged sink and shower drains could be a simple repair, but could also be a sign of bigger problems. Your sewer line wears down over time and can even become crushed or be penetrated by tree roots or electrical and gas lines. In one of these cases, there’s a possibility that you could need an entire sewer line replacement. To be completely honest, sewer line repair costs are not cheap. But we work hard to come up with best solutions for a long-term fix at an affordable price.

Trenchless Sewer Lines

Our pros possess the necessary knowledge and techniques, but we also have access to state of the art equipment for effective sewer and drain line repairs. For example, we perform a sewer video inspection to pinpoint the location of the issue. This allows us to efficiently diagnose the problem and get it fixed with minimal disruption to your life.

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How Dye Testing Works

Before, problems with your sewer meant a lot of digging and yard damage was headed your way. But with today’s advances, we’re able to offer trenchless pipe repair. This has proven to be a quicker, more landscape friendly method of sewer line repair and only calls for a few points of access.

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