Has your water heater not heating water to comfortable temperatures? Has your water heater sprung a leak? Or maybe your water heater has completely gone kaput. And of course, either of these issues can happen at the most inconvenient times. Luckily for you, Bill Helmken Plumbing is here for you and even provides 24-hour emergency services! So call on the plumbers you can trust for your water heater replacement in Pittsburgh, PA. You can reach us at 412-897-4210 anytime, day or night.

Water heaters are supposed to have periodic maintenance done to ensure efficiency. All too often they are just left to thanklessly make hot water for us, day in and day out. When they’ve had enough, they can completely stop working due to rust and corrosion. A small leak can eventually ruin a brand new water heater in a very short period of time. The quickest and easiest way to replace a water heater is to have it done by a plumbing professional. You need to make sure you’re following plumbing codes and specific criteria on how to proceed with a proper hot water heater installation that lasts a long time.

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Selecting Your New Water Heater

When selecting your new water heater there are several things that you must consider:

• Do you want a tank or tankless water heater?
• How big of a water heater tank do you need?
• Is your current water heater gas or electric?

Leave the worries to us! The experts at Bill Helmken Plumbing can help you make the right decisions.

We’ll keep your hot water heater installation & repair costs affordable.

Water Heater Installation & Repair Professional

Most people would rather have a nice warm shower opposed to a cold one. So if you’re finding yourself with icicles coming out of your shower head, you can call us. We’ll be sure to dispatch one of our plumbing experts to your property and evaluate the damage. Whether it be on a Wednesday morning or late Saturday night, the pros at Bill Helmken Plumbing will be there to provide you with your water heater replacement in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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