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Sewer Line and Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Have you noticed a rotten egg or foul odor coming from your property in the Pittsburgh, PA area?  Call Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC at (412) 897-4210 and get rid of the foul smell or odor.

Sewer line problems can cause a serious inconvenience with the waste water in your home, pipes may burst, or expend bad odors.  Before waiting for any of these problems to happen, call Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC.  The owner, Bill himself, will be able to assist you with the detection and repair services to get your sewer lines back into working order.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a Free Estimate at you earliest convenience!

What causes sewer line problems?

There are several reasons sewer lines develop problems.  The most common is rust developing inside the pipe due to the constant contact with water.  Both the inside and outside of the pipe are affected by this water.  Both tree roots and grease deposits can damage sewer lines inside the pipe.  As the roots grow inside the sewer and grease builds up, they cause blockages which can lead to future flooding of the sewer.

Signs Sewer Line Needs Repaired

A big sign that your sewer line has a problem is when your basement starts to smell entirely of sewage.  Another sign is when you flush your toilet and the water makes a bubbling sound.  We highly recommend you get the sewer unclogged before the water in the toilet comes out in the bathroom when flushing, instead of going through the sewer under ground.  If you think your basement smells bad, wait until the sewage comes upstairs and into your bathroom or kitchen!  The sooner you approach the problem, the less damage to your property.  Standing water and regurgitated water are also signs of a sewer problem.  Please feel free to call Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC for professional help with your sewer.

Ways to Prevent Sewer Line Problems

We highly recommend -No trees to be planted near the sewer lines on your property.

Regular Maintenance of your sewer lines can be done by performing a video inspection.  These sewer cameras are usen in sewer inspections and repairs for sewers.  These cameras save time, and are able to pinpoint a more accurate location as to wher the problem is in the sewer under ground.

What Are Trenchless Sewer Repairs?

Have you ever wondered if a sewer underground could be repaired with out digging up your yard?  Well, we have the answer for this question at Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC.

Digging can be time consuming, messy, and disruptive.  When trenchless sewer repairs are performed, no digging is needed, but instead the pipes are restored internally.

Trenchless sewer repairs help your achieve:

  1. Fractured and cracked sewer repairs in plastic, lead, clay and cast iron pipes due to rust and/or roots.
  2. Broken pipes can easily repaired with trenchless sewer repairs.
  3. Corrosion of the pipes due to rust build up inside/outside the pipes can be fixed by trenchless sewer repair
  4. Trenchless sewer repair can easily handle tree roots, which are the number one problem with damage clay pipes.
  5. Sewer back ups are also treated by trenchless sewer system.

Here is the process for using the trenchless sewer system

First, the plumber needs to locate the leaking area or areas in the sewer.
Next, a fiberglass sleeve is inserted and inflated in the damaged area, forming new pipes as a result.
Finally, a video inspection is used for verification of a satisfactory installation.


As long as the liner is inserted properly, as seen on the video inspection, your plumbing problem will be resolved.

Bill Helmken is certified to install Flow Liner Trenchless Sewer Liner Systems.

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Get Your Drain and Sewer Repaired by a Highly Skilled Technician

If you look throughout your home or business, you will find various drains, whether it's in your sink, tubs, or etc.  Each drain is designed to dispose of water along with certain other substances.  If your drains develop a clog of some sort, that flow is interrupted and unable to adequately perform its responsibilities.

Depending on how severe the clog is, professional assistance may be required to get your drains back in good condition.  This is where the authorities of Bill Helmken Plumbing steps in.  Our pros are thoroughly trained in the most up to date techniques and have access to top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that we provide you the best services possible.

You can feel completely confident when you choose to hire us for drain and sewer repair in Pittsburgh, PA.  Make sure that you don't find yourself stuck with a broken drain and sewer! Call Bill Helmken Plumbing at 412-897-4210

drain and sewer repair trench

Problems You May Find With Your Plumbing Drains

Plumbing stacks eventually crack. The old plumbing material can be cast iron or copper.  We are very careful when working on stack repairs. Typically the only way to gain access to your plumbing to make repairs is to cut your walls, ceilings, or floors. We have the expertise to keep the demolition work to a minimum.

Drain Repair vs. Drain Cleaning

From a simple drain pipe repair to full blown drain line cleaning, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle the job.  Clogged sink and shower drains could be a simple repair, but could also be a sign of bigger problems.  We will quickly diagnose the problem and discuss the issue with you.  We will work with you to make sure you get the best possible pricing and a quick repair.

We take pride in operating with the utmost integrity and professionalism possible because you deserve it.  So don't hesitate to contact us online or call.

Pittsburgh Drain and Sewer House Trap Repair

There's a high probability that your sewer clogs can be the result of your house trap having out lived it's usefulness.  The life expectancy of clay and cast iron traps is about 50 years.  Pittsburgh is an old city that contains many clay and cast iron underground plumbing systems.  Your house trap may need replaced if it's cast iron.

Schedule 40 plastic piping is the standard method and is projected to have a life expectancy of 100 years.  Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC has replaced a lot of house traps in Pittsburgh. 

sewer repair house trap replacement new 4 inch PVC trap with another drain tied into the line upstream. Wye on top of trap to clean out and fresh air vent.
sewer repair catch basin installation with 4 inch drains
sewer repair house trap replacement new 4 inch PVC trap and shielded ferncos. A storm drain runs horizontally above the replaced house trap.

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