Frozen Pipe Repair Pittsburgh

If you've lived in Western Pennsylvania for a while, then you know it can become extremely cold when the Polar Vortex comes to the Pittsburgh area.  Frozen pipes will lead to burst pipes.  As a result, you will need the services of an emergency plumber.  Don't let your frozen pipes lead to burst pipes.  Call Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC 412-897-4210 to get your frozen pipe repair Pittsburgh fixed right.

Why Do Pipes Freeze and Burst?


Plumbing pipes can generally freeze when pipes are exposed to below freezing temperatures for extended periods of time.  Waterlines should not be installed in exterior walls and unheated areas such as attics.

What Are The Problems Caused By Frozen Pipes?


Frozen pipes will expand and can burst the walls of the piping.  Copper tubing is especially susceptible to damage.  You will have an emergency when it thaws.  The ice will melt and water will damage your property.  Don't let that happen.  Call Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC 412-897-4210.

They've got the skills and equipment with many years of experience doing many repairs to fix frozen and burst pipes in Pittsburgh, PA.

How To Deal With Your Pittsburgh Frozen Pipe Repair


Let's assess your situation so that we can prevent your frozen pipe problem from recurring.  For example, it may be possible to cut the plaster and install two way HVAC registers in exterior walls.  This will allow warm air to flow through your walls to keep your pipes from freezing.  Another cost effective solution may be re routing your potable water pipes with pex tubing.  Since pex is easier than copper to install you will save money!  Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC has repaired and thawed innumerable frozen pipes in Pittsburgh, PA with our state of the art thaw machine.  The thaw machine will send electronic pulses to break the ice and get you flowing again.  Your local frozen pipe repair specialist is Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC.  Call us today to schedule an in home consultation or to learn more!  412-897-4210.

Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC's state of the art frozen pipe thaw machine

Click on the following video for a demonstration of our state of the art thaw machine.




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