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What is a Dye Test in Pittsburgh?

A dye test in Pittsburgh is required when you're going to sell your house.  The Department of Environmental Protection has mandated that every municipality has a corrective action plan.

What is the purpose of a dye test?

Storm and sanitary sewer water must be separated.  Here's why: When there's a heavy downpour there shouldn't be any of your rain conductors tied together with your raw sewage lines.  If so, then the sewage plants will overflow untreated sewage water into our rivers.

Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC will put non staining dye into your storm water pipes to determine if there's storm water going into your sanitary system.

We have extensive experience and know how to follow every municipalities' dye test rules.  Bill Helmken is a NASSCO certified plumber id #u-081970306713.

As a result you can call Bill Helmken if your municipality requires a NASSCO certified plumber.

That also means a video inspection will be mandatory of your sanitary sewer. This video will verify the condition of your sanitary sewer to your municipality for the sale of your house.

If you fail the dye test don't worry.  You can be rest assured that Bill Helmken Plumbing LLC will find the most cost effective solution.  Call now 412-897-4210 for a free second opinion to correct a failed dye test or to get you Pittsburgh dye test done!




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